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Reid It and Weep Event Promotions
Reid It and Weep Event Promotions is a company that was created by Radio Podcaster Claudia Reid on February 2012.  Claudia Reid's dream is to help up and coming bodybuilders be seen and heard in the world. She always felt that their is a lot of unfairness in the promotion business in regards to Bodybuilders and start up companies like clothing companies and etc that are being charged too much money for a simple service of promotion.  New Bodybuilders are not given the chance of promotion as well as a top bodybuilder in the business.  Small businesses are unable to afford promoting there products because other media outlets charges an arm and a leg for a 30 second commercial or a spot on their magazine.  Reid it and Weep understands that small business and athletes, store owners, clothing designers and etc. need assistance with building there business brand and we will be there from beginning to end.
Reid It and Weep offers:

1)24 hour Email Marketing
2)Creating Trade Shows and Seminars for your products
3) Helping you with your new business
4) Event Planning
5) assist with sponsorship
6) Branding Campaining
7) Press Releases
8) Mobile Marketing
9) Assisting with Bodybuilding shows
10) Hire models for your brand
and so much more.........................
Contact Reid It and Weep Event promotions.for your  business building needs 516-424-9870